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Woo! Eurovision!

I, uh, actually don't have much interest in Eurovision. But Matio made me join. That being the case, here is my verdict on the 3 Eurovision songs I have heard (for 3 is fewer than 10 and therefore not enought to create a top 10 list):

Ireland: Donna & Joseph, "Love?"
This is cheesy as hell, and has random tapdancing. I initially didn't like it at all - the lyrics seem poorly written, and it's just generally not much of a good pop song - but it did grow on me by the end. The guy is SO gay.

Switzerland: Vanilla Ninja, "Cool Vibes"
This rocks. Lyrics are a little on the cheesy side, but it's nicely rock-ish and catchy. An enjoyable listen. Matio seems to think this will win, but it's good, so I predict it will crash and burn

UK: Javine, "Touch My Fire"
This is incredibly mediocre. It's not bad, but I feel absolutely no desire to ever listen to it again.

And thus conclude my opinions. Note: I didn't use a cut, just to spite Matio. So there :P
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