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Eurovision 2005
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So, this community is owned by matio64, who's a pretty big Eurovision fanatic. Go and laugh at him, go on.
Actually, chances are, if you're here, so are you.

So what's this community about?
Well, the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 of course!
This year it's being held in Kiev after Ruslana's absolutely fabulous Wild Dancers won last years contest. (I saw it coming a mile off. I even had a bet!)

And what's the purpose of this community?
Well, I kinda wanted to get peoples opinions of this years songs, you know? See if we can get some friendly banter, maybe a bit of a whine about some that are especially not-so-fantastic.
Specifically actually, I'd like everyone to post either a brief run down of their Top 10 Entrants this year (with reasons!) or a little sentence on their opinions of each entrant. Ah go'on. You know you want to. :3
Plus it'd be nice to collect some news and informational tidbits and what have you here.. and just to discuss, really. People like discussion, don't they? Shush you at the back
Also it'll make a really neat record for the future. Yeah it will ¬¬

Are there rules and disclaimers and shizzle?
Well doobly-duh!
Fiiiirst off, I myself am not responsible for any opinions expressed by individuals who are not me and who I do not have mind controlling devices attached to. What they say is their own opinion and dude, they're entitled to it.
Secondly, we're discussing THE EUROVISION ENTRIES here. Not the countries. Don't get all offended and uptight just coz your country is taking a battering. But don't insult other peoples countries either. Just the entrants. Maybe then they'll pick a better one. I'd say *cough*UK*cough* but we had a baaad bunch this year *shakes head sadly*
Thirdly, try to keep everything at a level that's you know, acceptable for minors. Porn isn't REALLY related to Eurovision and there's not THAT much swearing, so yeah.. be good <3
Fourthly, LJ-cuts are your friend. Seriously. I'll put a guide here on how to do them if people don't know how but like.. I swear everyone does. Really.

So what do I do when I join?
Ah, like I said (did you not read?)
I'd like new members to post either a Top-10 or so run down of their favourite (or least favourite :3) entrants for this year. Similarly, a brief comment on all the entrants for this year would also be welcomed. Then we'll get a nice spectrum of opinions, it'll be lovely. But obviously Switzerland are gonna win :D *stabbed. to death. I was kidding*

Where can I hear the fantastic songs?
Ohh, thought I best add this! If you go The Official Website and click on the Multimedia lounge and then video, you can watch and listen to the each of the entrants or just the ones you're curious about! <3 There's not really a better way for me to offer this, um, if anyone has any ideas, go ahead and post about it, I'm all ears...

Can I help? <3
Yes, join and be an active poster.
Oh you meant more than that. Are you talented lingusitically? It'd be ace if I had some brief user info here in a range of European languages. Or if you wanna offer your services as a translator for posts so we can have even more people posting, that'd be kinda ace. You get the idea, help me overcome linguistic barriers!! I can't do it alone! *dramatic pose!*
Also spread the word. I like spreading the word. Maybe I'll make buttons, would that help? For now just use the community link. Or a user link, it doesn't matter too much really. Just go for it. Make people join. Please.

Ready to join? Gogogogo!